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Promo U!  Videography                                                                                                  

 FRIGHTMARES is a Halloween Haunt held every October at the Buck Hill Ski Resort in Minnesota.


Create your own documentary!  We can shoot a video OR you can send us photos, and we'll take the photos and make a video for you! 

Whether you want to document an event or to advertise your business, a video is a great way to reach an audience too busy to read your blog and a wonderful way to preserve a memory. 


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 Meri is an expert videographer adept at making nervous interviewees comfortable in front of the camera. 

So don't be camera shy-- PROMOTE YOURSELF!

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Whether you are looking for an interview with yourself or your clients, taping of your business or venue for advertising purposes, or just a video of a presentation or lecture for educational or professional reasons, we can get the image you need recorded on camera. 

 You'll receive a DVD copy and/or an upload of the video onto your web site.   

Click "English Lessons" above for info on learning to speak English.

Do you speak English as a second language? Would you like to learn English? Practice speaking English with a native speaker. Improve your vocabulary, learn new phrases and expressions. Hone your writing skills. Click on "English Lessons" above for more info on English classes via Skype!

Promo U!  Writing/Editing

 We'll write (or edit) your blogs, newsletters, web site content (or whatever!) so that your clients are intrigued, engaged and want to read more.

 An online presence is the key, these days, to reaching out to your target clients.  But keeping up with the many social networking sites on a weekly basis can be time consuming for today's busy professional.  What to do?

 We can add you onto social networking sites if you aren't "connected" already, add photos or videos of yourself and/or your business, write and edit copy that describes your product. 


Meria has promoted writers, non-profit organizations, musicians & small, local businesses located across the country--perhaps in a city or town near you!

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Just click on CONTACT US (above), let us know what you need and when you need it done so we may assist you with a quote! 

 --Get your blog on!              We'll write up that blog for you!

 --Get yourself logged on!    We'll log you into several social networking sites, upload your picture or video and post that blog!

 --Edit that copy!                  Maybe you've already set up that web site, written that blog or set up that newsletter, but it needs work.  You're  an AWESOME and AMAZING businessman/woman but, uh, perhaps not the greatest writer in the universe?  No problem!

--Get your write on!  Write on.  Write now.          

We'll edit that pesky blog or web page for you, make sure the writing is clear, to the point and entertaining enough to grab your client's attention and make 'em want to read more!

Promo(te) U! Other services listed below:

Looking for ways to thrive (not just survive) in these uncertain times?  Promote yourself! 

Your product or service might be the best there is, but if no one else knows it exists...

Well, in order to get the  recognition you deserve, you need to communicate those brilliant ideas of yours to the outside world. 

That's where we come in.  

Your business, nonprofit, rock band or great American novel will distinguish itself from all the rest with just a little promotion! 

 We WRITE copy (a.k.a. copy writing), web site content, brochures, newsletters, press releases, reviews, interviews,   product descriptions, captions and narrations for documentary films.

 We'll also EDIT documents, brochures or newsletters before publication, and we'll edit video footage too. 

 We can even produce VIDEOS & upload them onto your web site or social networking site(s). (We can log you onto a few, add some "friends" to your site & write up your first blog, if you aren't already "connected.")    


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 Inexpensive promotional resources you might not have tried include social networking sites, podcasts, blogs, and videos that we can upload or link to your web or social networking site. Reach an audience who may not have time to read but might watch your video or listen to your podcast. Be the star of your own show!

Promo U! & More...

Want to save money marketing your business or nonprofit?  We can set you up on several social networking sites, add you some "friends," make a video or podcast and upload it or provide a link to it onto your site.  We can edit or set up business cards, posters, flyers or brochures to market your business. Let us get that typing, writing, editing done for you virtually.

If you just need content you've already written typed into a document, we can do that too!  

  contact us and let us know what you need!